About Us

Welcome to SportShaker, your ultimate partner in the world of premium drinkware—a company where innovation meets practicality, and quality is ingrained in our DNA. Born from a dream and driven by a cause that’s quintessentially American, we give businesses like yours a dynamic platform to showcase your brand.

Our Story

In the heart of 2018, two visionary entrepreneurs, Brad Meyer and Elgin Kristinik, merged their experience and passion to shake up the status quo—thus, SportShaker was born. With Brad’s decade-long expertise in shaker cup design and Elgin’s 30-plus years in the plastic drinkware sphere, our paths crossed at a leading expo in the drinkware space. It was a partnership destined for greatness.

Fast forward, we’re not just manufacturing shaker cups; we’re leading the march towards American-made quality, breaking monthly records, and fostering an industry-wide education about the benefits of products made on home soil.

Meet the Team​



The architect of our designs, Brad’s vision has been the north star for SportShaker. His innovative approach ensures that every cup is a perfect blend of functional artistry and long-lasting performance.



 Elgin’s vast experience serves as the backbone of our operations, guiding us through trends and truths with a steady hand, armed with know-how that only comes from three decades of industry excellence.



Troy’s 29 years of experience in sports nutrition is built on the strength of his character and relationships in the industry. His exceptional client care and relentless passion are what drive SportShaker’s continued success.



Driving sales and smashing targets, Ian’s strategy is the pulse that keeps our marketplace momentum vibrant and formidable.



The maestro of our design tempo, Tom ensures that every SportShaker cup is a symphony of form, function, and finesse.



Charting our growth story, Roselyn’s acumen seeds opportunities that blossom into market triumphs



Bob plays a crucial role in the nutrition industry as a trusted sales expert, known for his integrity and dedication.

Blending Passion and Innovation

We believe that your shaker bottles should reflect your brand identity. That’s why we offer extensive customization options that allow you to create shaker bottles that align perfectly with your marketing strategies, corporate giftings and giveaways, wellness programs, tie-up products, etc.

From logo placement to color schemes, we can work closely with you to bring your vision to life and enhance your brand presence.

The SportShaker Promise

Our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and eco-friendly principles is embodied in every shaker we craft. We believe in products that are meant to last, just like the partnerships we forge with businesses who share our vision of sustainability, strength, and unapologetic ambition.

Ready to have your brand reflected in the finest shaker cups in the industry?

Join us on our remarkable journey as we continue to redefine the standards of American drinkware—one monumental shake at a time.